There are many Mt. Fuji view spots along the Fujikyuko Line, such as spots where you can actually see Mt. Fuji beautifully if you walk a little from the station.
Among them, we will introduce recommended view spots. How about taking a train and enjoying a tour of Mt. Fuji?

Fujimi Kotoku Kouen Park

Nearest station
10 minute walk from Yoshiike Onsenmae Station
Recommended point
Counted as one of the "Kanto Fujimi 100 Views", you can enjoy the superb view of Mt. Fuji and seasonal plants.


  • Kawaguchiko Station

    Magnificent Mt. Fuji rising from the station building of Kawaguchiko Station

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  • Near Mount Fuji Hall

    If you want to catch the train and Mt.Fuji up close, this is the place

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  • Mt.Fuji Station

    Fuji from the Fujikyu Terminal Building Q-Sta 6th floor observation deck is a superb view. You can also see trains.

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  • Shimoyoshida Station

    Fuji from inside Shimoyoshida Station is also recommended. The “Blue Train Terrace”, which exhibits vehicles related to the train, is also popular.

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  • Arakurayama Sengen Park/Chureito Pagoda

    Mt.Fuji, a five-storied pagoda and cherry blossoms intertwine to create a scenic spot representing Japan's Mt.Fuji

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  • Arakura district

    Arakura district, Fujiyoshida city. A hidden spot where you can take pictures of the countryside and the train together

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  • Kanadorii

    Kanadorii You can take a picture of Mt. Fuji and the torii together. It is a popular spot

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  • Fujiyoshida City (Honcho Street)

    It is a popular spot on SNS. The nostalgic townscape of Showa is also a highlight.

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  • Jitsugetsu Shrine

    A spot where you can take a bird's-eye view of the Fujikyuko Line. The train that goes on a big curve is worth seeing.

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  • Ganja Railroad Crossing

    This is a place where you can take pictures of Mt. Fuji and the train together. Shooting in the morning is recommended!

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Mt.Fuji View Spot Map