There are many Mt. Fuji view spots along the Fujikyuko Line, such as spots where you can actually see Mt. Fuji beautifully if you walk a little from the station.
Among them, we will introduce recommended view spots. How about taking a train and enjoying a tour of Mt. Fuji?

Ganja Railroad Crossing

Nearest station
15 minute walk from Kotobuki Station
20 minute walk from Mitsutoge Station
Recommended point
This is a place where you can take pictures of Mt. Fuji and the train together. Shooting in the morning is recommended!


  • Kawaguchiko Station

    Magnificent Mt. Fuji rising from the station building of Kawaguchiko Station

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  • Near Mount Fuji Hall

    If you want to catch the train and Mt.Fuji up close, this is the place

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  • Mt.Fuji Station

    Fuji from the Fujikyu Terminal Building Q-Sta 6th floor observation deck is a superb view. You can also see trains.

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  • Shimoyoshida Station

    Fuji from inside Shimoyoshida Station is also recommended. The “Blue Train Terrace”, which exhibits vehicles related to the train, is also popular.

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  • Arakurayama Sengen Park/Chureito Pagoda

    Mt.Fuji, a five-storied pagoda and cherry blossoms intertwine to create a scenic spot representing Japan's Mt.Fuji

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  • Fujimi Kotoku Kouen Park

    Counted as one of the "Kanto Fujimi 100 Views", you can enjoy the superb view of Mt. Fuji and seasonal plants.

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  • Arakura district

    Arakura district, Fujiyoshida city. A hidden spot where you can take pictures of the countryside and the train together

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  • Kanadorii

    Kanadorii You can take a picture of Mt. Fuji and the torii together. It is a popular spot

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  • Fujiyoshida City (Honcho Street)

    It is a popular spot on SNS. The nostalgic townscape of Showa is also a highlight.

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  • Jitsugetsu Shrine

    A spot where you can take a bird's-eye view of the Fujikyuko Line. The train that goes on a big curve is worth seeing.

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Mt.Fuji View Spot Map