How to get to the Chureito Pagoda

How to get to the "Chureito Pagoda"

Fujisan View Express

Fujisan View Express

You will head to the nearest station "Shimoyoshida station" of the Chureito Pagoda.
It can be reached in about 2 hours by rail from Tokyo.
It is easy to access from Shinjuku.

You take the JR Chuo Line from Shinjuku Station and change to the Fujikyu railway at Otsuki Station.
You Get off at Shimoshida station. ¥2277

Shinjuku Sta. to Shimoyoshida Sta. 2,277yen

Shimoyoshida Sta.

Shimoyoshida Sta.

After leaving Shimoyoshida station and walking along the signboard it will arrive at Chureito Pagoda in about 30 minutes.
Please enjoy the magnificent view of Mt.Fuji

The view of the four seasons

  • Spring

  • Summer

  • Autumn

  • Winter