Mount Fuji 5th Station Pass

It is a convenient and affordable ticket that you can go from Otsuki station to the Mount Fuji 5 th Station by this one ticket.

Release period

July 1 ( Sat ) - November 29 ( Wed ) on 2017

Free entrance and exit section

(1)FUJIKYU RAILWAY freely get on and off ( from Otsuki station to Kawaguchiko station section )
(2) Mount Fuji climbing bus from Mt. Fuji station, Kawaguchiko station to Mount Fuji 5th Station, get on and off freely
* When using a train, a separate charge is required when using express trains such as Fuji San Express, FUJISN VIEW EXPRESS,NARITA Express etc. or Fuji Tozandensha

Climbers'bus Timetable


Adult 3,620 yen
Children 1,810 yen

Validity period

Valid for 2 days

Regular fare train roundtrip 2,280 yen + bus round trip 2,100 yen = 4,380 yen
760 yen is also profitable.

Where to purchase

  • Otsuki Station ( Fujikyu Railway )


We do not refund after use.


Mt.Fuji 5th Pass

Mt.Fuji 5th Station Pass

Mt.Fuji 5th Station Pass

Mt.Fuji 5th Station Pass

To Passengers using Suica or PASMO card