Fujikyu-Highland set coupon

Fujikyu highland

A reasonable coupon that includes Fujikyu-Highland one-day pass and Fujikyu Railway round-trip ticket.

*Different merchandise from the one sold at JR East View Plaza which includes JR line round-trip tickets.

Places sold

Any manned station (besides Fujikyu-Highland) or the conductor in the train.

Included tickets

Fujikyu Railway round-trip tickets (to and from Fujikyu-Highland station)
Fujikyu-Highland one-day pass


Price information   April 1, 2018- November 30, 2018

Terms of validity

Valid for 2 days
(However, the one-day pass can be used one time within the expiration date)


Mt.Fuji 5th Pass

Mt.Fuji 5th Station Pass

Mt.Fuji 5th Station Pass

Mt.Fuji 5th Station Pass

To Passengers using Suica or PASMO card