Extra Limited Express Mt.Fuji Marathon

Extra Limited Express Mt.Fuji Marathon

Operating day


25 ( Sun. )

Stops and departure times

Mt.Fuji Marathon Train
To Kawaguchiko
臨時特急 Mt.Fuji Marathon Train
To Shinjuku
Departure time Stops Departure time
7:25 Kawaguchiko 16:14
7:20 Mt.Fuji 16:23
5:56 Hachioji 17:40
5:47 Tachikawa 17:52
5:36 Mitaka 18:08
5:25 Shinjuku 18:21

* Station other than the above will pass.


Car type : Five cars long ( All cars are reserved seats )

Tickets types required for the trip

Basic fare ticket + Super ( limited ) express reserved seat ticket

Super ( limited ) express reserved seat and Green Car ticket ( This does not apply for the use of Fujikyu Railway only. )

Ticket purchase date
The ticket could be purchased up to one month prior to the traveling date ( from 10 o'clock ).
Places to buy ticket
The ticket windows of Fujikyu Railway’stations ( Tsuru-bunkadaigaku-mae, Mt.Fuji, Fujikyu Highland and Kawaguchiko )
East Japan Railway's "Midori no madoguchi ( Ticket Reservation Office )," "View Plaza ( Travel Centre )," and Japanese major travel agencies
East Japan Railway's "Eki net ticketless service ( station net ticketless service )"
* This is a limited service for Eki net members.

Buying Super ( limited ) express ticket of Fujikyu Railway ( For using Fujikyu Railway only )

Buy ticket via ticket window or ticket machine at Fujikyu Railway stations.


Equipped with toilets

* Due to a driving condition, etc. Fujikyu Railway ( one car ) may run alternatively as a general train.