FAQ about Fujisan View Express

When taking the first class reserved car (car no.1)

How much is the cancellation fee for reserved seats?

【For sweets plan】

Your reservation can be cancelled by paying the cancellation fee listed below.

Day of cancellation cancellation fee
8~10 days prior to departure date 20%
2~7 days prior to departure date 30%
1 day before the day of departure 40%
The day of departure 50%
After time of departure or 100%

cancellation without notice
You cannot get a refund at any of the train stations.
Please contact Fujikyu Travel (Tel. 0555-22-8877)

【Any other seat reservations】

No cancellation fee will be charged before purchase, but 50 yen will be charged after purchase.
The reserved seat tickets are non-refundable after the time of departure.

Is it possible to choose seats?

You cannot choose seats for sweets plan, but it`s possible to choose seats for other trains.
However, it`s first come first serve so we suggest you make reservations as soon as possible.

Are there times when we have to share seats with other people?

If you reserve seats on the round table on Fujisan View Express, you may have to share seats with others.

Can we bring outside food or drinks?

Yes you may.

Can we get free refills on the welcome drinks?

Yes you may, except for some beverages and alcohol.

Can we make reservations for sweets plan on the day of departure?

Unfortunately, sweets plan must be reserved 3 days in advance.
We cannot sell sweets plan desserts to those without reservations.

Can we take out the desserts with us?

There are some desserts which you can take along with you.
For more information, please ask the attendant.

When taking the non-reserved car (car no. 2, 3)

Can we go and buy drinks on car no. 1?

Unfortunately, only passengers who have reservations may enter car no.1.
However, we do sell drinks for passengers on non-reserved car as well.

Can we look around or take pictures on car no.1?

Unfortunately, only passengers who have reservations may enter car no.1.


Are there restrooms inside the train?

Yes, we have a handicap restroom between cars 1 and 2.

Can we take the train with wheelchair?

Yes, we have a wheelchair space in car no.2.
However, we don`t have a wheelchair space on first class car (car no.1).
If you would like to use the wheelchair space, please contact Mt. Fuji station in advance (Tel: 0555-22-7133)