How do we change our ticket`s destination or have a fare adjustment?

For basic fare tickets

If you decide to get off at further stations or if the price stated on your ticket is not enough to get off at the station, you just need to pay the difference.
However, if you have overpaid for your ticket, we cannot give you a refund.

EX) If you get off at Kawaguchiko with a 1020 yen ticket from Otsuki, the price from Otsuki to Kawaguchiko is 1140 yen so you`ll need to pay 120 yen.

For multiple-trip tickets, discounted tickets, and other tickets or pass

If you get on or off at a station that`s not covered by your ticket or pass, you`ll need to pay the basic fare for the section not covered.

EX) If you use one of the multiple-trip tickets valid from Otsuki to Mt. Fuji station to get off at Kawaguchiko, you will need to pay 220 yen.