What is the age boundary of adult and child fare?

Age boundary of adult and child fare

Adult (adult fare) 12 and over
Child (child fare) 6 ~ 11 years old
Infant/ preschooler 1~5 years old
Newborn less than 1 year old

Situation when an adult is considered a child

a. If an 11 year-old has a ticket valid for more than 2 days and turns 12 years old during the date of validity, that person is considered a child.
b. If an elementary student 12 years or older is traveling in a group of elementary students, that student is considered a child.

Situation when an infant or preschooler is considered a child

a. If he or she is traveling alone.
b. Up to 2 infants or preschoolers are free per person (6 and over) with a ticket.
(except for passengers traveling with group discount)
c. If they are in a group traveling with a group discount ticket.
d. If they need seats on the reserved car, you need to purchase a train ticket and a reserved seat ticket for them.