Bicycles and other belongings

What you can take with you on the train

Up to 2 baggages are free as long as it meets the requirements listed below
・Length + width + height is within 250 cm (length must be within 2m)
・Weight must be within 30 kg

However, there are no limitations to small bags, umbrellas, and other small items.

What you cannot take with you on the train

The following items cannot be taken with you on the train hazardous items, stoves, animals, corpse, unsanitary objects, objects that give out offensive odor and objects that may damage the carriage.

How to take your bicycle on the train

Bicycles are free of charge, but they must be dismantled or folded and stored inside a bicycle bag only.

(Notice to passengers)

  1. We are not responsible for carrying or keeping track of your luggage.
  2. Please be careful when handling large baggage and make sure it doesn`t get in the way of others.
  3. If the train is very crowded, we may ask you to take the next train.

Other baggage and personal belongings

Baggages or items that may cause trouble or harm other passengers will not be allowed to take on the train.
If you are not sure whether you can take your belongings on the train or not, please contact Mt. Fuji station (Tel: 0555-22-7133).